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I read your book last night and today from cover to cover. I always prided myself on manners and etiquette but you have totally put my life into prospective. Thought they’re was a lot of things I was aware of they’re was a whole world of things I wasn't:flushed: My niece looks up to me and I treat her to different things all the time . This book will certainly help me ensure she is well behaved. Thank you for sharing your classy etiquette with us Enjoyed my time at the Book Launch and I’m so inspired by your Faith, Hope, Love & Perserverance! This book will be apart of a curriculum very soon IM SURE OF IT... #iminspired

Tyra Merrick

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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Pernilla since our freshman year in college. We’ve earned our master’s degrees and witnessed each other become a wife and mother over the last several years. Pernilla has been instrumental in providing unique dance experiences and life lessons for brown girls all across the Houston area through her non-profit organization. Pernilla has shared a wealth of knowledge on class and etiquette to both children and adults over the years. And now, Pernilla is a PUBLISHED author!! I can’t express how happy I am to support her journey! Congratulations Pernilla Turner

Karla Ford

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Pernilla is poised, gracious, and a most sincere person who truly believes in people.

Maria Everding
President and Founder, The Etiquette Institute

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Mrs. Turner is very knowledgeable of appropriate manners and she possess a warm, inviting, and positive demeanor.

Taikia Smith - Wiggins

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This book is a great handbook for Modern Etiquette

LeChelle Washington -Elmore

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Gary Claiborne Joint Venture Partner Carrabba's Italian Grill and Pernilla Turner Owner of Classy Etiquette, expanded the dreams of my mentees by using their businesses as forces for good this past weekend. The etiquette training Pernilla provided was memorable, fun and interactive. My mentees told me, “Ms.Krystal I needed that because I didn’t know.” The service and food Gary and his team was bar none excellent. One of my mentees literally said, “Wow Ms. Krystal they’re going all out for us``

Krystle Nelson