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Etiquette Presentations

Through etiquette presentations Pernilla motivates and inspires individuals by instilling confidence throughout her sessions.

Rather or not a person has good manners always seems to be part of the conversation when hiring, promoting, or making recommendations, Good manners are not just for certain people, they are for everyone.

Etiquette has changed over the years and technology has evolved as well. In addition due to the evolution of technology it is important to still have good manners while using these devices. Corporations have changed some of their rules and standards, yet they still expect a great deal of professionalism and great manners!

Pernilla teaches professional organizations, businesses, sororities, ministries, groups, and universities regardless of session size.
From a dining tutorial to a keynote, Pernilla’s sessions are fun, energetic, and interactive! Her goal is to create a professional image that reflects positively upon each person that she is able to train.

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